The why I feel and move and speak and act and think is more important because it is the why which fuels it all

Letting go of the how, while simple in concept, isn’t always so easy, practically speaking anyway

Still always simple tho. Good to know.

I’ve always wanted to know the how

– Call it ocd –

– Call it incessant curiosity –

– Call it an ever present childlike wonder to experience and learn new things –

– Call it adulting actioning –

Wondering now why the how wasn’t easier to release

Remembering how simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

Knowing now that when I place focus on the why, my intentions

Clarity begins speaking to me in a way I understand

Innerstand and overstand

Clarity asserts itself with ease in place of all negative thoughts and feelings I’d allow to linger for far too long

So what does this all mean anyway

It means that when I allow myself not to worry about the how of everything

I allow myself to relax into the why

I can see and feel the clarity of my intentions

Which allows myself to listen more closely to myselves

Why do I want what I want?

Why do I want to go there?

Why do I want to create that?

Why do I want to give, in this way?

Focusing on the why allows me to release wondering how it’ll all come.

All I need to do is know the why and just feel good and feel my way into the inspired actions as all the rest unfolds before me along my path.

Witnessing my manifestations unfold before my eyes.

Walking toward everything I’ve already set into motion for myself

All I need to do is know without a doubt that everything is always working in my favor.

Because it is.

All we need to do is know the why.

And make sure it feels good and right for us.

The rest will and already is taking care of itself

What a peaceful easy feeling.